About OPDG

I'm a self-starter, highly motivated award-winning designer with over 20 years of experience creating products, websites, branding and creative services. Highly focused on simplicity. Delivering a intutive useful experience from desktop application to mobile devices.

Understanding and overseeing how people think, interact and use things are key to designing useful and consumable products. From role playing games to card sorting, to concept designs through visual design, the end product is where I focus my efforts. If people don't understand it and can't navigate it, they won't use it.

Delivering juicy ideas to our clients with no pulp added. Unless asked for, then we can accommodate.

Meet the team

We're a creative team that brings your ideas to life and engages your audience.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I have nearly 20 years of graphic design, web design and UX/UI design experience under my belt. I like to KISS. (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

  • The Minion

    Our nuts and bolts folks. Digging into code and bulding stuff is what they love to do.



Our customers

We love our customers and our customers love us

What we do

#UserExperienceDesign #InterfaceDesign #WebSites #E-Commerce #ResponsiveDesign #ApplicationInterfaceDesign #Mobile Design #iOS #Web #EmailMarketing #CMS #GraphicDesign #Branding #Logos #Identities

  • Html 5 & Css 3

    With the ever changing web and mobile applications, we can make it work on all platforms and device types.

  • Responsive layout

    We make your web site and mobile applications responsive so it's functional on any device.

  • Flow diagram & visual architecture

    Creating visual representations help us better understand how things flow, work and where gaps can be discovered.

  • Graphic design & brand identity

    Need to go to print or want to be in a magazine? Don't have a logo or identity? We can create it for you.

  • UI/UX design & user research

    Knowing how people interact and think is key. We provide user research studies and ask the right questions to get the right results.

  • The Orange A-peel

    Freshly squeezed, never bitter, always juicy ideas, with no pulp added. Unless you request pulp to be added, then we can mix it in.

Where to find us?

Surronded by beautiful mountains, national forests and several lakes,
OPDG is located near Salt Lake City, UT.