Toyo Tires

2016 B2B Web Portal

Toyo Tires North America Division was in dire need to streamline their ordering process, cut back on customer service intervention, back orders and update their implementation of SAP. With the assistance of a Business Analyst, Solutions Architect, SAP expert and myself (Sr. UX Designer), we analized their current process. Understood how Toyo's business currently operates. How Toyo does business with their customers, which are mainly wholesalers and large distributors. We spoke directly with a few of their trusted customers to understand the pain points and frustrations they were experiencing when ordering tires through Toyo's existing ordering process tool.

Once we discovered how Toyo's current process works, how their customers order tires, we made several recommendations to improve the entire experience on both ends.

I initially started drawing a flow diagram on a whiteboard to validate their process and all the touch points Toyo had to be involved in. This really helped the stakeholders see visually what the road blocks were, where CSR intervention was needed and talked through how orders get passed into SAP.

Once that was established, the team and I purposed to diagram how the new system would flow, limit the CSR intervention, create start-to-end ordering as much as possible so orders could be fulfilled and shipped without any intervention.

Customers could track their orders, see invoices and statements as well as see which items were on back-order. Giving the customer a true shopping experience for a B2B business.

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